Friday, November 21, 2008

YES I SPEAK you have a problen with that!!

okay today i went out with my old classmate kimberly faye
havent meet her for almost a year now
so we did a lot of catching up hehe
it was fun
i did most of my shopping...
sorry kim...

so kim i decided to have high tea at secret recipe
we were just minding our own business
then this 4 ppl who we dont even know sit next to our table
so we didnt bother about it either cause we dont know them

so me and kim was speaking english..
no problem with that..
and all the sudden the table next to us start saying stuff..
THERE WERE MOCKING US because we speak english

they said a lot of things..
such as this conversation
"later we go back tuaran"
"nola we go back kingfisher..cause we speaking english"
punya pukima sial...

what you think english speaking ppl only stays in KINGFISHER!!
geng sa urg kadazan..ko pikir ko saja wujud cakap melayu
bodoh la kamu urg..!!palui sial

then we say out la
" Are you mocking us"
and they dont understand..its obvius that they are not educated
stupid idiotic ppl who has problem with ppl speaking english

they balik2 walk pass us..for what..
MY COMMENT IS..dont dress like a pilak
i hate ppl like this
tiba2 mau cari hal..
mind your own business..what more if i dont know you
dont mock ppl like that!!

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RiaNaHafeeZ said...

What the fuck gurl??!! seriously were they mocking the both of you?? fuck that, so what if you speak English, hey its part of our language, and we started to talk English when we're small right?..ala..peopz like that are very simple minded person. When they are mocking you, just don't pay any attention to them..because you know who you are and to be precise you have much higher education then them and much more advantage then them..So the next time people mock you because you speak in english, fuck them, mock them back in english and see if they understand what you say, if they don't, take out your BM skill and whack them off their face.

Yours truly,