Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'M Finally DONE

I'm finally done with my A-levels =D
yes i'm done
i'm done
i'm done with 5 months of super study mode
i'm done with 3 months of exam
why i'm so excited..welll DUHHHHH
3 months of exam is REALLY HIGH STRESS LEVEL
and i was on a nerd-mode

whats the result of 5 months of studying?
1) i lost 6kg (since jan)..i'm now 48kg
2) i actually did better in my exams
3) i go accepted into Help Universtiy College(sep-intake)
4) i'm getting my very own laptop without asking =D
5) new set of clothes..since my old clothes dont fit me anymote
6)i'm doing well with my boyfriend =D
7) lots more just too much to list out

this Saturday is my graduation ceremony
and Sunday is prom night..i rented a gown this year
since i didnt have time to go buy a dress

and next week i'm off to kl to look for a new apartment with my new buddies
I know busy..but i'm stress free now =D
will update more often from now on

Sunday, May 24, 2009

when is the limit?

A-levels exam is stressing me a lot....
its draining much of my energy
i haven't been getting enough sleep lately..and i'm so sleepy
even trying to sleep early..but its hard for me to fall a sleep..zzzz
the stress is arsboring most of my energy
and i've been losing a lot of weight..
in early april i was i'm a whopping 48kg..
i roughly lost 5kg..i know its great to lose weight..
but not when your stress..btw i do eat normal
i'm even getting panda eyes now..gosh..
well..its back to studying until my exam ends

Sunday, April 26, 2009

empty,boring and dusty

Yeah i know
its kinder quite lately in my blog
like i said in my last post..i've been busy with my studies lately
which is true.. and the studying did pay off
based on my trial exams i IMPROVE A LOT IN my law..
this is the first time i got 60 % for my law (combination for paper 3 law and paper4 law)
happy about it..studied hard for it
and i did improve in my business too..not much..still improve
however i'm still really weak with my economics..
so i freaking need to work hard in my economics

well this is the final stop for my a-levels
real a-levels exams is starting in mid may till mid june
so i'm putting on a late nighter for the next two months
wont be blogging much til june..
Junes is my graduation..and I.S Night is the next day..
i pick up my dress a month ago already..
i prepared early cause i dont have the time to go for shopping during my exams period..

so whats next for me
Well i'm goner do my UK transfer programme For Law
Goner study law at Help Universtity College..planning to start at September
so yeah ..thats it for now..until june =]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gone to Long?

yes i've been missing for a long time
cause i've been really busy with my studies..
so wont be blog a lot until around june
cause my trials are coming soon so is my a-levels exam..
so yeah

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Head Explosion

My head is goner explode from all this studying..
to much studying over stuff into brain..
been studying a lot until really late
cause a lot of test and exams..
continous study..and no time to be lazy
cause i'm repeating 2 subjects for a-levels =[
currently sutdying tort law and eccons
havent started on business yet..owh NOOOOOOOO!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

When turns the other way

well now i'm at my schools IT Center, i'm having my freeperiod now.suppose to be studying but i really dont have the mood to study..due to my result and its also because i only have 20 mins left before law class begins....dont worry i'll study at my 2nd free period..

well since when things couldnt get worst...yes sports day. Mye vents for sports day all clash..cause my events are damn tiring with just a short amount of time for is the time table for my events
1. 400m (semi-finals) time8.30am
2. 200m (semi-fianals) time 9.00am
3. 400m (finals) time 9.30am

damn tiring you might say half and our break is more then enough..wrong, you need at least one and a half hour of break to regain your energy the breaks would be less then 30 mins..hmmm, i serious how things will turn out great later =[.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's New or Maybe slighty outdated

Hello everyone..
yeah my blog has been kinder sunyi lately..
no new pictures..
well havent done anything new lately
just sports day next week..
will definatly upload those pictures next week
as usual Chinese New Year is really darn boring this year
yes..i'm kinder lazy to collect angpow this year
cause all you get is RM2 in those red packets..and you waste half your day just for RM2
i know its money..but i'm not that desperate to collect money
anyways.. my Grandma(mom side) has gotten really sick
she has half stoke..which means only her left side of the body is a bit parlysis
feel really bad for her..cause she is old and she is already suffering this much...=[
anyhows..i moved to thats like not a big deal right
i lame
yeah i find friendster not as intresting as before..
still login but nothing much is left here
So yeah Facebook..
owh i just started playing Vampire Wars and Fashion War
i know double lame...when everyone gets tired of playing that
and i just started playing hahahhaa..
that was because i was not that active in Facebook before
but now i am hehehe =]
well its still new to me but it might be slighty outdated for most of you hehe =]
do you guys have any suggestion for Valentine's Day
i want to surpirse him =]