Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party Till 3 in the morning

I went to a friends birthday at Shen
Her name cassandra..
attending Me,my boyfriend kiton, oyo,marcella,bryner,leeboy,izaac, avun, igberth
we started roughly around 10pm
had fun though..after that we left shen at 1pm
then continue again at tanjung aru beach..
where we just sit in front of the beach and drink wiskey..
it was because it was us laughing away
I love hanging out with my boyfriends friend
cause there are so open and SO FUN TO BE WITH
we were laughing a lot
anyways i came home about 3am
i broke the record of coming home late
got scolded by my dad
but it was worth it..
hey i didnt get drunk...i was still steady
anyways i let the pics speak for itself..
but i dont have most of the pictures at the beach
so i'll upload it as soon as i get it

My Favourite Picture with my BF

I didnt upload all the pics as there is too much
if you want to see the rest..
go check out my friendster profile
anyways more parties a had of us


pangjasmine said...

wow. so fun ey
girl u're getting more feminine !
nice make ups ~

link me ah ! coz i linked u kays

hope to hear again. drop by my blog sometimes

Steffi said...

i guess you can say i have turn more feminine
guess i have trade in my shoes for heels
give up my short hair look for longer hair

hehe..ok i will =]

thanks for stop by

suannt said...

gosh steffi why are u so pretty :{

Steffi said...

cause i am pretty su ann =P

Anonymous said...

huh 3am???lambat jugaa
hi fie,was browsing friendster,saw ur blog!who is ur bf? how come u never bring him to kampung?considering that u have been with him for 3 years?? hehhee anywayy what is he doing?where does he live? uishh like mummy ba me..oh ya u look so much like ur mummy oh fie..ssighhh i miss ur mum n my mum so much..!i always dream about them the same dream..again n again.mesti dua2..u think they r together ka tu ah..hmmm anyway when is ur exam?u curl ur hair..since when??u hv fb or not?find me! susah wanna write here panjang2...take care there.ttys..hugsss -sheila-