Saturday, November 15, 2008

FREEDOM after 2months of exam

Yes people..2months of exam

since the middle of september until middle of november..

I had my trials in September

then my AS-level exam From October to November..

And today is an-official outing with my friends..

we went Karaoke at was fun =]

before that,i bought my boyfriend lunch since his working at karamunsing

and treat him for coffee bean..

then we had two hours of singing..

it was super uber fun singing with your buddies..

as we were realising our stress..hahahaha

most of the songs i sang was rock songs hahaha..

then after that I went to 1borneo with both the Natasha's..

we went to Padini first to shop..

since is members discount for the whole store..weee

and Beatiful white t-shirt caught my attention..

its streachable..and its has such great wordings on the shirt saying

"tell me what you want,really really want"

the price was RM75.90...

by my luck as a member i got it for half price..

and yes i bought..natsaha ho bought to..

we just instantly fell in love with it..

being in such a good mood today..

i bought my boyfriend two t-shirt..i hope he likes it..

than i had high-tea at secret recipe..

today was fun going out with my buddies =]

needed that so much...

the cute white shirt i bought..=]


Marion said...

I like your shirrrrrt :O

Ki-Chan said...

nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i missed the discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /sawan

I wanna be ur bf! :P he so lucky..
u so sayang him *blushes*

miss u babe *hugs*

steffi said...

yeah i love the shirt too...thank goodness its half price hehe...thanks marion

cheryl: i miss you too so much..
yeah i sayang my bf a lot =] hehehe