Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 3year Anniversary

Today is My 3 year Anniversary
with my boyfriend =]
25th November 2005 is the day we started being together
I'm Glad it was him there with me
True there has been a roller coaster ride for us
But we made it..Mistakes and learning about each other make us stronger
His my soul mate,my addiction,my best friend, my boyfriend
and I can wish for so much more
But for him to love me is so much better already
I Love so much Hubby Keaton
Cyprian Nellton Primus =]
my baby boy

Okay my boyfriend is not chinese
His pure kadazan..
i love for who he is =]
and his 2 years older then me..

well here is some pictures from the past and present,enjoy =]

Our first picture together,yes is not perfect but its ok =] 2006

2006,I still had my braces

2007- Djunction

Near christmas 2007

Early 2008

Early 2008

3 of him..i'm so loving it =]

My baby boy..love him

Some more pics coming soon..
I'll upload it in the evening =]


Rowena SD said...

aww, i'm so so so happy for you! :D

hows you? i miss you plenty :(

Steffi said...

me too rowee =[

thanks btw