Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's New or Maybe slighty outdated

Hello everyone..
yeah my blog has been kinder sunyi lately..
no new pictures..
well havent done anything new lately
just sports day next week..
will definatly upload those pictures next week
as usual Chinese New Year is really darn boring this year
yes..i'm kinder lazy to collect angpow this year
cause all you get is RM2 in those red packets..and you waste half your day just for RM2
i know its money..but i'm not that desperate to collect money
anyways.. my Grandma(mom side) has gotten really sick
she has half stoke..which means only her left side of the body is a bit parlysis
feel really bad for her..cause she is old and she is already suffering this much...=[
anyhows..i moved to thats like not a big deal right
i lame
yeah i find friendster not as intresting as before..
still login but nothing much is left here
So yeah Facebook..
owh i just started playing Vampire Wars and Fashion War
i know double lame...when everyone gets tired of playing that
and i just started playing hahahhaa..
that was because i was not that active in Facebook before
but now i am hehehe =]
well its still new to me but it might be slighty outdated for most of you hehe =]
do you guys have any suggestion for Valentine's Day
i want to surpirse him =]

1 comment:

Joc De KiuTest said...

Boringkan this year punya cny,me too.hehe.angpau pun makin kurang.ekonomi meleset bah.hehe.Valentines???hahaha cant wait for it,miming is coming next week.apa ko bg kiton?sa x bg apa2 oh,xda duit cause b4 this beli dia something yg make me broke.hehe.celebrate ka nanT?kim salam sma kiton ar.HSM3 dia belum bg sa!!!!!!!=p