Monday, February 2, 2009

When turns the other way

well now i'm at my schools IT Center, i'm having my freeperiod now.suppose to be studying but i really dont have the mood to study..due to my result and its also because i only have 20 mins left before law class begins....dont worry i'll study at my 2nd free period..

well since when things couldnt get worst...yes sports day. Mye vents for sports day all clash..cause my events are damn tiring with just a short amount of time for is the time table for my events
1. 400m (semi-finals) time8.30am
2. 200m (semi-fianals) time 9.00am
3. 400m (finals) time 9.30am

damn tiring you might say half and our break is more then enough..wrong, you need at least one and a half hour of break to regain your energy the breaks would be less then 30 mins..hmmm, i serious how things will turn out great later =[.

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