Sunday, April 26, 2009

empty,boring and dusty

Yeah i know
its kinder quite lately in my blog
like i said in my last post..i've been busy with my studies lately
which is true.. and the studying did pay off
based on my trial exams i IMPROVE A LOT IN my law..
this is the first time i got 60 % for my law (combination for paper 3 law and paper4 law)
happy about it..studied hard for it
and i did improve in my business too..not much..still improve
however i'm still really weak with my economics..
so i freaking need to work hard in my economics

well this is the final stop for my a-levels
real a-levels exams is starting in mid may till mid june
so i'm putting on a late nighter for the next two months
wont be blogging much til june..
Junes is my graduation..and I.S Night is the next day..
i pick up my dress a month ago already..
i prepared early cause i dont have the time to go for shopping during my exams period..

so whats next for me
Well i'm goner do my UK transfer programme For Law
Goner study law at Help Universtity College..planning to start at September
so yeah ..thats it for now..until june =]

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