Thursday, December 18, 2008

December is a busy month

Nothing much has happen
Just been really busy
here is a recap of december so far that i did
1st week of December
1. back to school
2. skip school
3. got a haircut
4. passed my driving test
5. help my brother for hobbycon (cosplay)
6. my brother and friends assitant during hobbycon
7. had a gathering with my boyfriend's friends at tanjung aru
8. got really darn tipsy at tanjung aru with bf's friends (nearly drunk)
9. Sleep over at friends place (Jossie Fabian =])
10. went to super lousy PC FAIR!! (ppl their dont know what is a DIGITAL TABLET)
2nd week of December
1. went to school
2. skip school again
3. ordered my dress online for xmas
4. went to bank
5. new little cousin Ivan came over at home (babysitter)
6. STARTED CLEANING HOUSE FOR XMAS..took 7 hours to clean my room(included wall)
7. started driving without an OFFICIAL licence yet hehehehehe
8. sleep really late
9. played PS3 with little brother..little big planet
10. help brother prepare for cosplay photoshoot
11. laptop was used my elder brother most of the time
12.stayed after school for extra stuff
3rd week of December
1. did my christmas and chinese new year shopping at 1borneo
2. went to a FISH SPA with christine movie with christine and deveneau
4. had late dinner with christine and deveneau
5. bought xmas presents (I'm BROKE)
6. went to school
7. elacted as sports traniiee for Pink House (i dont like pink)
8. celebrated dad's birthday
9. wrap present for xmas
10. learned how to do a proper manicure and pedicure
11. drove to school,drove friends DRIVINIG IS GOOD,recieved an approve from my brother and natasha ho
12.dyed my hair medium dark blonde for upcoming xmas and cny
13. skipped some boring classes
14. uncles,friend come back from singapore and australia
15.passed my boyfriend his mxas gift (miss him a lot)
see i am that busy
i didnt have much time with the net
plus school and all...
i also didnt get to meet up with my boyfriend
or hangout with knowing that he is busy himself working sometimes overtime
sorry if i didnt quite spend time with most of you
just december shelude is so darn pack
i'm still not sure what is coming up soon for the 4th week of december
whatever is coming up ahead..i''ll just try to blog as much as i can

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